SEAN SPICER IS OUT FOR BLOOD! Watch Him RUIN Hillary Clinton With 6 Brutal Words

Hillary Clinton came out of hiding yesterday to make more excuses for her loss. This reminded Americans again why they don’t like her. She said, “If the election had been on October 27th, I would be your President.”

Today, Sean Spicer was asked about this comment and his response was BRUTAL! Spicer said:

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If Football games ended after the 3rd quarter, then the Patriots would NOT have won the Superbowl.

“You play a game four quarters, you play an election until Election Day. So with all due respect to her…You don’t get to pick the day the election is on.

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Hillary went on to blame her loss on James Comey, Russia, The Media, Wikileaks, and misogyny. It was sad. Newt Gingrich DESTROYED Hillary for her petty excuses last night. As usual, he was spot on. WATCH BELOW: