Woman Collapsed at Final Trump Rally – What Trump Did Next Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy

Moments ago, at President Trump’s final rally in Missouri, a woman collapsed in the middle of the audience and needed immediate medical attention. Pres. Trump stood on stage with a look of concern on his face while doctors attended to his supporter.

Then, in an incredible moment, Pres. Trump asked the audience to pray for her, and the THOUSANDS in attendance began singing “Amazing Grace.” This will give you chills.

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“That’s one of our great people right there,” Pres. Trump says, as he tells the doctor to take his time. That’s when the President tells the audience to “say a little prayer.” Even he couldn’t have predicted what would happen next.

After the mainstream media spent weeks demonizing Pres. Trump and his supporters, this moment shows what kind of people they really are.

No amount of liberal propaganda can take away moments like this. These are not “racists” or bigots, they are patriotic Americans who want the best for their fellow citizens. Godly people who just want a better life for themselves and their children.

You can watch Pres. Trump’s full rally here: