Wolf Blitzer Tries to Shame Border Patrol Chief, What He Says Next Next Leaves CNN Host in Silence

Just when you thought CNN couldn’t get any worse, they sink to a whole new level.

Wolf Blitzer had U.S. Immigration & Customs enforcement Director Thomas Homan on last night, and actually asked him why he is charging illegal alien parents with a crime.

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Yes… He questioned whether coming here illegally was a crime, but it got even worse. The CNN host also tried to shame Homan and the Border Patrol Agents for doing their JOBS. Homan’s response left Wolf Blitzer in stunned silence. 


Here is one of the best quotes from Director Homan:

“There shouldn’t be a different set of rules because you’re an illegal aliens.

“When I was a police officer in New York I arrested parents, I took parents out of a home for domestic violence. I separated that father from his child. It was sad. The child cried. But you know what? They got separated because the parent got charged with a crime. The same thing is happening here.”


But he wasn’t done. Homan pointed out what many Americans have been saying… That if these border crossers actually want to be a part of this country, they need to understand that we are a Nation of laws.

“Because you’re an illegal alien and you commit a crime you should get a pass? How many U.S. Citizens get a pass when they commit a crime?

I can’t blame anybody for wanting to be part of the greatest country on earth, Wolf. But you can’t want to be a part of the greatest country on earth and not respect it’s laws.”