President Trump Just Gave This Soldier The BEST News of His Life! Obama Would’ve NEVER Done This!

We already told you about how Mike Pence surprised two wounded warriors with an invitation to come with him to the Super Bowl… Now President Trump just pulled off a SURPRISE of his own for our brave soldiers. 

Earlier today, he unexpectedly walked into the cafeteria at the U.S. Central Command. To the surprise of everyone in the room, President Trump sat down and began casual conversation with these soldiers as if he had known them forever. As he spoke, you can see the true ADMIRATION Trump has for these brave men and women!

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Trump joked around about how much weight they can lift, and asked them what they thought of the Superbowl. But when one of the soldiers said he wasn’t sure he was going to make a career of this, Trump turned to him and made an AMAZING comment that nobody saw coming.

(Watch Video and See Trump’s Quote Below)

Here was the exchange. What an AMAZING Surprise to have the President just walk up and join you for lunch!

Sargent: Most of the troops in here sir, are young enough that they came in after 9/11. They all volunteered knowing they were coming into conflicts. They all had options in life, but they chose to come in and serve.

Trump: That’s great, are you going to make a career out of it? (Turns to a soldier)

Soldier: I’m still deciding right now sir.


Trump: Oh come on now, you have to stay..You’ll like it better with me, you’ll see!

This is what soldiers have been WAITING for! A commander-in-chief who will put American soldiers FIRST!

***Since day 1, Trump BASHED both Republicans and Democrats for the CRAPPY treatment of veterans once they get home from serving. 

***Since day 1, Trump has pointed out that ILLEGAL ALIENS are treated better than veterans in our society!

***Since day 1, Trump has blasted the clumsy decision to go into Iraq and cause thousands of American deaths fighting an unnecessary war!

Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, but then Obama dropped over 100,000 bombs in the middle east. 

And even after ALL that, our enemies still had no respect for him. 

Trump understands that you can lead with STRENGTH and send signals without necessarily invading countries. Trump won’t need to, because his warnings will actually MEAN something!

Trump sums up his foreign policy approach in 3 simple words. These are 3 simple words that will make our soldiers LOVE Trump the same way they loved Reagan!

“Peace Through Strength”