Trump’s Jaw Hits Floor Angry Thud After Seeing What CA Dems Just Did To Police Officers

Jerry Brown and the rest of the California Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. This is really crossing the Rubicon and if they actually follow through on this, there is no going back.

Law enforcement is furious but that doesn’t seem to matter to the geniuses in California. How much longer do you think the citizens will stand for this?

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The Dems out there actually want to stop California police officers from using deadly force… leaving them defenseless.

From The Sacremento Bee:

Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday advanced a proposal that would restrict the circumstances under which California police officers could use deadly force.

Assembly Bill 931, which would raise the standard for lethal use of force from “reasonable” to “necessary,” passed the Senate Public Safety Committee on an initial vote of 5-1.

It was the first hearing for the controversial measure, which has raised sharp objections from law enforcement groups that contend it would put officers’ lives in danger. Under the bill, deadly force could be justified only if there were no reasonable alternatives.

“We ask officers to run toward danger and sacrifice their safety,” Cory Salzillo of the California State Sheriffs’ Association said. It would be “unfair” to ask them to do so when an after-the-fact analysis might undermine their actions in the field, he added.


Supporters filled the committee room, many of them carrying pictures of friends and family members who had been killed by police. Several lawmakers expressed that the bill was necessary to address a deeper problem of racism in policing.

“It always blows me away that law enforcement only fear for their life when they are facing black and brown people,” Sen. Steve Bradford, D-Gardena, said.