Trump Wins? Steve Scalise Came Forward Last Night & Revealed Adam Schiff’s Worst Nightmare

Congressman Steve Scalise came forward last night and exposed Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democratic leader pushing for impeachment. This is a victory for Pres. Trump, who has been verbally sparring with Rep. Schiff.

“The entire process has been a scam,” Rep. Scalise Tweeted. He continued, “Dems now plan to only allow themselves and their staff to know the whistleblower’s identity, while concealing it from Republican committee members. This is unprecedented. What are they trying to hide??”

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But then Rep. Scalise released a video late last night revealing he supports “censuring” Adam Schiff, which Pres. Trump retweeted, adding Schiff should be “impeached.” Watch for yourself then share this everywhere.

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