TRUMP JUST WON! James Comey Just Admitted The 1 Thing That Proves Trump Was Right All Along

James Comey doesn’t testify until tomorrow, but he just released his prepared statement for the record. What he said has Democrats FREAKING Out. 

President Trump has been saying for weeks that Comey told him on 3 separate occasions that he was NOT under investigation by the FBI. For weeks, the media has said Trump is LYING about this, but look what James Comey just submitted UNDER OATH!

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In his sworn, written testimony, James Comey confirms that he told President Trump three times that he was not being investigated.

SOURCE: Twitter

This confirms President Trump DID NOT hinder any investigation into his actions, because they were never investigating him.  No matter how the media spins James Comey’s testimony, this is the most important thing. SHARE this on Facebook so we can make it go viral! (Read Comey’s Full Testimony Below)

Read Comey’s full testimony here: