TRUMP JUST WON! This DOJ Lawyer Just Leaked James Comey’s Worst Nightmare on Live TV

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes told Trump yesterday that he obtained documents PROVING the FBI spied on Trump and his staff. Now we just found out the probable source of these leaked documents!

Former DOJ prosecutor Larry Klayman sent a letter telling Nunes that a CIA whistleblower had contacted him with 47 hard drives and 600 million images that PROVE Obama and Comey spied on Trump and many others! (See The Letter Below)

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Klayman went on Live TV last night to drop this bombshell and explain how James Comey is engaged in a MASSIVE COVER-UP! Watch and then SHARE on Facebook because the mainstream media won’t cover it!

Here is the letter Klayman sent to Chairman Nunes and the rest of the intelligence Committee. THIS IS HUGE!

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