Trump Just Walked Off Stage During a Speech & Did The Unthinkable & Left The Crowd Speechless

Just moments ago, Trump interrupted his speech honoring Hispanic-American military members, walked off stage and did something quite amazing that had the entire room cheering.

As Trump began speaking about Hispanic-American military members that had been awarded the medal of honor, someone in the crowd shouted that a Hispanic-American recipient of the medal of Honor was in the crowd.  What Trump did next is truly awesome. (VIDEO BELOW)

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What Trump did RUINS the liberal narrative about the President being “racist” or “xenophobic.” You won’t see this on the news. He interrupted his speech, walked off stage down into the crowd to greet this hero as the entire crowd erupted in cheers! Watch this then SHARE on Facebook to ruin media lies! (Full Speech at bottom of page)

Watch the full speech HERE:


From NKT Network:

Trump noted that 61 Hispanics had received the Medal of Honor before members of the crowd indicated that one of those recipients was in the crowd.

The president then descended from the podium to shake the hand of the American hero.

“The Medal of Honor – that’s the big deal. Thank you for being here. We appreciate it,” he said as he pumped his fist.