Trump Comes Forward, Gives Barack Obama Devastating New Nickname

Barack Obama administration was a total joke as a commander in chief. No doubts his cowardice and indecision hurt this great nation and cost an untold number of lives.

Just look at what happened when he sat on his hands during the Syria crisis? What a debacle that turned out to be and a preventable one.

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If we had had a strong commander in chief. But we didn’t, we had Barack Obama and the world was the worse for it.

So it is under those conditions that we learn Trump’s nickname for Barack Obama and boy is it devastating.

As reported by Bustle: When the journalist famous for breaking open the Watergate scandal speaks, you listen. On Sept. 11, a new book about the Trump presidency by the one and only Bob Woodward is set to be published, and it contains some extraordinary claims about the sitting president. According to Woodward’s account, President Trump reportedly called Obama a “weak dick” over Obama’s conduct regarding Syria — and that’s far from the only mind-bending story within the book’s 448 pages.

CNN obtained a copy of the forthcoming book, Fear: Trump in the White House, and according to its account, Obama isn’t the only recipient of Trump’s frequent insults. Others — ranging from frequent Twitter target Jeff Sessions to Trump defender Rudy Giuliani — have also reportedly been the on the receiving end of the president’s colorful insults. The reported insults weren’t what aides found the most terrifying, though, according to CNN. Foreign policy — including policy on Syria — is one of the areas where Trump’s conduct sparked the most fear among his aides, according to Woodward.

Bustle has reached out to the White House for comment on the book. According to the transcript of a phone call between Woodward and the president, Trump said, “So we’re going to have a very inaccurate book, and that’s too bad.”