Tom Fitton Just Went on Live TV & Revealed a NEW ‘Dossier’ That Made Obama SHIVER in Fear

The dominos are starting to fall and Obama’s sick plans to undermine Pres. Trump are now being exposed.

Tom Fitton, The President of Judicial Watch, sued to receive copies of classified “dossier” sent by Obama State Department to a Democratic Senator just days before President Trump took office. (Video Below)

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But it gets even worse.

According to Fitton, this new Dossier was illegally sent by Obama’s State Dept. to Capitol Hill in order to spread anti-Trump propaganda and undermine the new President.

“The Obama Admin. and Dems in Congress were vacuuming up intelligence information in order to ‘get’ Donald Trump. And it was being leaked, illegally.”

But Fitton didn’t stop there.

“The Obama State Department leaked classified information to a Democratic Senator Ben Cardin… In an effort to make President Trump’s life miserable and it was done just before he came into office.

And the game was, let’s get this classified information to the hill so it comes out when President Trump is in the Presidency.”


Fitton continued, saying if Mueller was actually DOING his job, he would be investigating these illegal leaks by the Obama administration and the intelligence community.

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