The Moment Trump Landed in Mississippi, Every Reporter Noticed The Brand New Thing About Who Was With Him

President Trump is holding a rally in Mississippi tonight in support of Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is a candidate a special election next Tuesday to replace retiring Senator Thad Cochran.

But it’s who President Trump brought along with him that caught everyone’s attention. The President was accompanied by his former bitter enemy who is now a close friend, according to Pres. Trump.

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Who is it? Lindsey Graham.

The President said he brought Sen. Graham along and they have become close. Then, Pres. Trump gave credit to Graham as the ONLY reason Kavannaugh got approved to the Supreme Court. He called a reluctant Graham up to the stage who gave an impassioned one minute speech about how great Pres. Trump has done and how important it is to elect more Republicans. But he doesn’t stop there.

Watch what happens when Pres. Trump brings Sen. Graham up on stage.

This shows what a great leader President Trump is. He puts aside petty differences and bonds with a former enemy because of how much they both love America. It also says a lot about Sen. Graham.

The mainstream media’s worst nightmare is coming true. Someone in Lindsey Graham who they used to praise for bashing Pres. Trump… Is now on Trump’s side completely.


Do you stand with Sen. Graham and Pres. Trump? Spread this story everywhere because the mainstream media isn’t covering it.