Texas Lt. Governor Glares Into The Camera, Sends The ‘Caravan’ a Final Warning That Might Make Them Turn Around

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick just went on Fox News right after he spoke to President Trump on the phone. Gov. Patrick and revealed what will happen if the ‘caravan’ arrives at the border.

Gov. Patrick blamed the Democrats for encouraging the ‘caravan’ for political purposes, and he issued a dire warning to Democrats and those in the Caravan.

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Here’s some of what Gov. Patrick said:

“It’s clear that these people who are coming here don’t understand this President is serious. They’re not getting into this country. And for those who do cross illegally, they’re going to be turned around, or they’re going to be sent back.”

“He’s bringing the might of the military… For anyone who gets across, they’re going to be turned around, go through the process, they’re going to be put on an airplane, and they’re going to be sent back.”

But he didn’t stop there. Watch this video clip then spread this story to help get the message out.