Sean Hannity Busts Liberal City Trying To Let Non Citizens Vote In Desperate Attempt To Stop Trump

Sean Hannity is watching the left flail about with no real message against Trump. Flopping here and there like caught fish, the left is desperate to find a way back into America’s good graces.

After all they have done to this great nation, that is indeed a tall order because the voters are not stupid.

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Despite what the media will have you believe, we remember what the left did to this country and our middle class.

But even Sean Hannity was a bot shocked and very angry when he discovered the lengths the left will go to cheat because they know they cannot beat Trump fair and square.

Sean wrote:

The city of Boston is considering a new proposal that would allow legal immigrants who aren’t United States citizens the right to vote throughout the city, with council members holding meetings this week to find ways to make local elections “more inclusive.”

According to, the proposal was initially requested by Council President Andrea Campbell, who urged the City Council to allow non-citizens the right to vote in municipal races.

“Campbell’s order for a hearing says Boston has more than 190,000 foreign-born residents, which represents 28 percent of the city population. It also says non-U.S. citizens paid $116 million in state and local taxes and generated over $3.4 billion in spending according to a 2015 city report,” writes


The order would permit legal permanent residents, DACA-recipients, green card holders, and valid visa holders the ability to vote throughout Boston in local races.