Sarah Sanders Steps To Podium, Sends Hillary Clinton To Dustbin Of History With 1 Brutal Fact (Video)

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders walked to the podium during her press briefing today and Hillary Clinton will never be the same.

Sarah is good, isn’t she? One of the best we have seen in that very tough position.

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A reporter started off asking Sarah what she thought of Hillary’s recent disgraceful comments.

Hillary, who didn’t know she was being recorded, said:

“I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign, ‘Make America Great Again,’ was looking backward. You know, you didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women, you know, getting jobs, you don’t want, you know, to see that Indian American succeeding more than you are. Whatever your problem is…”

What a disgrace she is, thank God she lost.

So Sarah, and you just knew she would get the final word on the subject, did not disappoint saying:

“I think that’s a perfect example of why Hillary Clinton is not in the white house. She is completely disconnected from the American public and certainly I think shows her disdain for the millions and millions of Americans who came out and voted and supported President Trump and still support him today.”


In other words: Hillary off you go to the dustbin of history — you will not be missed.

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