Sarah Huckabee Sanders Discovers The Easy Way To Embarrass CNN Jim Acosta On Live TV

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a tough job and does it with elegance and class every single day. She, like her boss President Trump, gets zero credit for the amazing job she does.

Most people in her position get tons of respect from the media and most go on to lucrative careers (in the same media) when they are done taking the incoming.

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It is these symbiotic relationships endemic to the swamp that Sarah and Trump are fighting to change.

It is a delicate dance, providing the information the American people need but also protecting sensitive information that needs to be kept secret in order for Trump to do his job.

It is a difficult, thankless job and Sarah is quickly proving herself a superstar. Especially when it comes to shutting down the pesky Jim Acosta.

Steve Mnuchin started off the press briefing today by explaining how the tax law will be implemented and how it will affect each American in such a positive way.

Sarah took over and said no DACA deal has been reached, as the media has been reporting, and then she took questions eventually squaring off with CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Acosta said,


“If you a dreamer out there should you have confidence that the President will reach a deal that will protect you from being deported?”

Sara answered,

“I think you should… You all got to come into the room and sit for an hour and saw that everyone is trying to find a solution.”

The Acosta got dirty asking,

“There seems to be a pattern and correct me if I am wrong and there is no pattern, where the President watches something on Fox and Friends and then tweets about it…There are folks out there that claim that there is a cause and effect and That the President watches something on Fox and Friends and then tweets about it…is that what happened this morning and does that go on?

Sarah shot back,

“I am sure you are disappointed he’s not watching CNN.”

Boom. Acosta tried to regain his footing and came back weakly,

“I think he watches a lot of CNN.”

Sarah embarrassed him in front of everyone with her quick and brutal response,

“I don’t think that’s true or your numbers would be higher.”