Sarah Huckabee Comes Forward, Sends Joe Biden Slithering Back into The Swamp He Crawled Out of

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders went on Fox News today to give her thoughts on the Democratic debate, and she zeroed in on Joe Biden.

The former Press Secretary unloaded on Biden, pointing out that he was clearly no longer the front-runner because the other candidates spent their time attacking Elizabeth Warren. But she wasn’t done there.

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Huckabee-Sanders went on to EXPOSE the real reason Joe Biden is plummeting and has no chance of winning. She also blasted CNN for their weak questioning and called out Biden’s lies that the moderators failed to follow up on. Watch for yourself then spread this everywhere.

Biden has been in office for 46 YEARS!!! It’s time for this swamp creature to retire. Do you agree? Press the blue button at the bottom of the page to share this story!

From Fox News:

“I think it’s recognition of the failures of him as vice president for eight years… I think it is showing that they didn’t get anything done. The things they did, the American people don’t want.”

“And I think it shows the level of corruption that people think that the Biden family is actually engaged in. I thought that the questioning last night was weak and pathetic. Sadly, it is not surprising, that CNN accused President Trump in their questions yet gave Biden a complete free pass.”


“They gave him one question, a very basic follow-up and moved on. I couldn’t believe that they glossed over the corruption that we’ve seen exposed over the last couple of weeks so quickly as they did last night. And that nobody else on stage even thought to call Biden out.”

“I think, one, it’s because they know that he and his family have been so deeply involved in that corruption but more so because they know he is no longer a factor in this race. I think they have already decided to write him off and they are focusing their fire on Elizabeth Warren.”