Roseanne Just Made All of Hollywood GASP When She Revealed The Secret They Never Wanted Getting Out

Roseanne made her triumphant return to TV, scoring record ratings along with a congratulatory call from President Trump.

But the more Hollywood is learning about Roseanne’s earth-shattering ratings, the more they are starting to FREAK out.

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Greg Gutfeld started his show by revealing why this is Hollywood’s worst nightmare, and how Roseanne exposed their biggest secret. (Video Below)

In a video that is going viral, Gutfeld describes Hollywood as “shaking in their reBOOTS” following the Roseanne debut that was watched by nearly 20 million Americans. The most watched TV sitcom in YEARS.

This uncovers the secret that Hollywood executives wanted to ignore… If they don’t alienate and ignore half of the country by only having Anti-Trump shows,  then they’ll do record ratings.

Gutfeld said:

“Hollywood is shaking in their reboots. Roseanne’s new debut had over 18 million viewers. Guess where Roseanne scored the highest? Tulsa, Oklahoma.That is literally the middle of America.Think about it. If TV were archery Roseanne hit the bull’s-eye.

The show did not alienate half the country which is maybe why it scored big. We all have the family member we would rather not talk to when the discussion turns to politics.


But in Roseanne’s house, disagreement doesn’t make you an enemy… Creating a show that tries to pull people together rather than apart. Coming out as Pro-Trump in Hollywood is like coming out as a Fish at a bear sanctuary.”

Do you think Hollywood will stop being so Anti-Trump now that they see this success? Tell us below. Thanks!

He contrasted the Roseanne reboot with CNN shows, whose ratings are plummeting. ‘Roseanne’ is seeking to bring the country together while CNN tries to tear everyone apart.