Right After Trump Official Called April Ryan This Insulting Name, The Media Erupted In Phony Outrage

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April Ryan got into a nasty Twitter war with a top Trump official and it quickly went south.

April Ryan has long been a thorn in the side of the Trump administration and has patented the phony outrage the media loves so much.

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Lynne Patton, who runs HUD programs in New York and New Jersey for President Trump and is African American, had a Twitter feud with Ryan.

After trading insults all day yesterday the fight took a turn for the nasty when Patton called April Ryan “Miss Piggy” and posted a picture Ryan twitter with the hashtag #BankruptBlogger.

Lynne has since apologized and removed the tweet but as the internet is forever we have it below.

First is since-deleted tweet and what follows is the twitter fight that led up to the insult.



The media, of course, is furious that things devolved to this level, but Twitter feuds get nasty and sh*t happens when the insults start flying.

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