Right After Hillary Blamed Everyone Else For Her Loss, Trump RUINED Her With 1 Brutal Tweet

Last night, Hillary made an appearance and continued to blame everyone but herself for losing the election. She blamed her loss on Russia, Facebook, James Comey, voter suppression, the DNC, and Wikileaks.

Well, President Trump has had enough of her PATHETIC excuses. He responded with 1 Brutal Tweet that went viral overnight. 

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Trump Tweeted this out and it got nearly 20,000 retweets and counting! He said what every American is thinking. 

SOURCE: Twitter

Here are Hillary’s PATHETIC comments, in case you missed them. She has gone completely insane. I have never seen such a sore loser in my life. 

As we reported earlier, Julian Assange also responded to Hillary blaming him for her loss. See his response on the next page.