Right After Gunman Opened Fire in Maryland High School, CNN Reporter Did The Unthinkable

The shooting Great Mills High School this morning ended when a Police Officer took down the gunman.

But while the shooting was going on, CNN interviewed a student that was on lockdown in the school.

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They asked him to stay on the phone even as police was ordering him out, but it’s even worse than that.

It was not clear whether or not there was still a live gunman at the school or whether his life was still in danger… and they STILL wanted to use him for ratings.

Even the Washington Post is criticizing CNN for this, with David Nakamura Tweeting this:

SOURCE: Twitter

Here is the CNN video clip

Another questionable part is them asking about the details after he clearly said he has little to no information. Seems like this would only cause confusion and misinformation to spread.

Do you think CNN goes too far to capitalize on School Shootings? Doesn’t this put students in danger? Tell us below.