BREAKING: After Calling Trump’s Mouth a “C*ck Holster,” Stephen Colbert Got The Worst News Of His Life!

When Stephen Colbert called President Trump’s mouth a “cock holster” for Putin, he received TONS of negative backlash from people saying his comments were repulsive and extremely homophobic.

The Liberal media is usually the speech police, but they are giving him a free pass on this of course. Could you IMAGINE if a conservative said that about Obama on Network TV? BUT COLBERT JUST LEARNED HE HAS MORE TO WORRY ABOUT THAN THE MEDIA!

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Earlier today, Stephen Colbert got news he NEVER wanted to hear. A Network TV host’s worst nightmare: THE FCC WILL BE INVESTIGATING HIS COMMENTS AND MAY SHUT HIM DOWN! 

The Chair of the FCC, Ajit Pai, went on Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox News and said they will investigate, and if his comments are deemed too obscene for network TV. If they are, there will be consequences! SHARE on Facebook if you stand with Trump against Colbert!

The very fact that Colbert would say something like this, and that the liberal media didn’t covered it, is PROOF of how hypocritical they all are.  COULD YOU IMAGINE THE OUTRAGE IF A CONSERVATIVE SAID THIS ABOUT OBAMA!?  They would have immediately lost their job.

Even worse, after Colbert made those comments, the liberal audience cheered. These are the same people who spend all day calling conservatives homophobic, but it’s okay for them to be. Apparently it’s okay to be racist, homophobic, misogynist, xenophobic, or any other label liberals throw at you all day long, as long as the target is conservative.  This is why Trump won, and thank god he did.