Right Before Comey Testified to Congress, Trey Gowdy Exposed Him as The Swamp Rat he Truly is

Former FBI Director James Comey is testifying before Congress this morning, and Congressman Trey Gowdy could not wait to grill him like he’s never been grilled before.

Before the hearing, Gowdy responded directly to Comey’s that Gowdy was afraid to speak to him in a public setting. The South Carolina Congressman correctly pointed out that the last time he tried to question him in a public hearing, Comey said over “100 times” that he “cannot answer in this setting.” But Gowdy wasn’t done there.

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Congressman Gowdy flat out said Comey is lying, and the American people know it. Then he unloaded on Comey in an explosive video clip that went viral overnight. Watch this then spread it like wildfire.

Rep. Gowdy unloaded on Comey, specifically for the FBI’s use of the fabricated Steel “dossier” which was used to get FISA Warrants to spy on then President-Elect Trump. But he didn’t stop there.

According to Gowdy, The FBI was aware that Christopher Steele, the source of the infamous fake “dossier” that started the whole investigation into Trump, was not a legitimate source and he was already talking to the media.

This is Comey’s nightmare and exposes the entire origin of the Trump investigation as fraudulent.

Do you agree with Congressman Gowdy? Do you think President Trump should consider him as a potential nominee to lead the FBI in the future now that Gowdy is retiring from Congress?


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