Right After April Ryan Rudely Interrupted Sarah Huckabee, Sarah Totally Embarrassed Her

Sarah Huckabee Sanders just held a much-anticipated press briefing and she did not disappoint.

Sarah has the hardest job in Washington – keeping the jackals in the press at bay.

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She has to give them just enough information to satisfy America without giving away confidential information or private internal discussions.

Sarah hasn’t held a press briefing since the Nunes memo dropped, so the press was waiting to ambush her.

Additionally, President Trump’s remarkable speech yesterday in Ohio had everyone in the beltway talking.

Trump enraged the left with a joke about the Democrats protesting America during the SOTU.

The Democrats sat on their hands as Trump spoke of the tremendous progress America has made in one short year.

So Trump called them out on it and made a joke calling their behavior treasonous and unamerican.


Enter April Ryan…

First, she asked about Trump’s comments that leaked earlier about the impending Government shutdown.

Sarah said:

“The President wants solutions… he wants a two-year budget and an immigration fix…its pretty simple”

Really this is simple stuff, not sure why it is hard for reporters to understand.

Bu April kept going and asked Sarah about Trump’s joke yesterday, in which he said the democrats refusing to stand during the State of The Union was “treasonous.”  Trump also called it “un-American,” and was not joking about that comment.  Ryan said: “You said the treasonous comment was a joke but what about unamerican?”

Sarah looked right at April and stunned her to silence with a brilliant answer.

“It is un-american to not be excited that more people have jobs and higher wages and that the economy is booming like it wasn’t before, that ISIS is being destroyed like it wasn’t before…

Every American should be excited about this progress…Things are better today than they were a year ago and that is something we should all be excited about. America’s lives are improving and that we should all be happy and excited about this.”

Agreed. But it goes deeper than petty politics.

The left is terrified – Trump’s poll numbers are way up and the economy is booming, spelling doom for the Democrats in both 2018 and 2020.

It is simple math – if Americans have more money in their pockets, America will never vote out the GOP.