Reporters Said Trump Supporters Don’t Care About Shooting Victims, Ben Shapiro’s Response Made Them Choke

Conservative Commentator Ben Shapiro took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference and immediately took aim at the mainstream media and their coverage of School Shootings.

The room erupted, with conservatives giving Shapiro multiple standing ovations as he glared at the media in the back of the convention hall and unloaded on them. (Video Below)

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“You want to know who the bigots are in America? It’s these folks in the mainstream media who are proclaiming their objectivity while they push their agenda. These are the people who suggest that you don’t give a damn about children murdered in mass shootings unless you agree with their gun confiscation schemes.”

Shapiro continued, pointing out that if the media REALLY cared about stopping mass shootings, they would stop glorifying the shooters for weeks at a time.

As the editor of The Daily Wire, Shapiro said he has made the decision to not publish the face of mass shooters on his website. Shapiro said this will cost him clicks and revenue, but he doesn’t care.

“There are studies that suggest that one of the ways Mass shooters become more common is if you show their names and faces on television. We at daily wire no longer do that. So i challenge you in the media… You want to stop mass shootings? Put your ratings behind your morality.”

The room erupted, and Shapiro glared back at the reporters in the back of the room as they were probably cowering in shame.

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Just to make his point even more clear, Shapiro also asked the crowd to “raise your hand…if you care about the kids who were killed in Parkland.” Every single one of the thousands in the crowd raised their hand.

Then, he said “Now raise your hand if you also wish to preserve 2nd amendment rights,” and again the ENTIRE crowd raised their hands.

“You see, both things can go together, media,” Shapiro said.

The crowd gave him another standing ovation as he continued to ruin these media lies.