After Reporter Tried to Lie About Trump-Supporting Veteran, Sarah Huckabee Embarrassed Him

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a huge part of the Trump administration and is there to protect him from the lies spread by the media on a daily basis.

This time, a Wall Street Journal reporter claimed that Matthew Pottinger, an Iraq & Afghanistan War Veteran who serves in Pres. Trump’s security council, said we should bomb North Korea because it would help Trump the mid-term elections.

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Huckabee-Sanders hit back hard, and embarrassed this reporter for lying about a brave veteran like this.

SOURCE: Twitter

After she Tweeted this, the reporter issued a correction and deleted his Tweet in shame.

SOURCE: Twitter

The attacks need to stop. The media will do anything to lie about what is really going on around the country. President Trump’s recent State of the Union address was a good example of that.

Sanders has been a huge asset to the administration and she will continue to be.

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(Source: Newsweek)