Reporter Asked Why Trump “Chickened Out” Against The NRA, What Sarah Huckabee Says Next Left The Room in Silence

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders took to the podium on Monday and was immediately bombarded with questions about Pres. Trump’s new school safety plan. The plan focuses on school security and making it easier for obvious mental health cases to be shared with law enforcement.

Of course since Pres. Trump isn’t granting the liberal media’s wishes and confiscating guns and enacting massive gun control, the reporters were furious.

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One reporter asked Sarah why Pres. Trump is “chickening out” against the NRA. He implied that Pres. Trump was somehow backing down to the pro-gun organization. Sarah shut him down immediately.

Reporter: “Based on the plan last night, it seems like President Trump is the one petrified of the NRA because he backed away from some of the ideas that he brought into the discussion and i’m asking why he chickened, why he didn’t go forward with what he proposed earlier.”

Huckabee-Sanders pointed out that President Trump has met with people on both sides and he is taking a common sense approach, doing things that EVERYONE agrees on first.

She also pointed out that Obama did NOTHING for school safety, even after the many many school shootings during his Presidency. Obama didn’t do ANYTHING but cry during Press Conferences about it to try and score political points.

“We are focused on things we can do immediately. Let’s not forget that the Obama administration had the White House and all of Congress for 2 years and never did ANYTHING. This President is actually supporting specific pieces of legislation and still laying out other priorities that he would like to see talked about and implemented.”

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