Reporter Asked Sarah Huckabee if ‘Anonymous Op-Ed Writer’ is Under Investigation, What She Said Next Left Him Stunned

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders answered questions today about the White House Staffer who betrayed Trump and published the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times.

Reporters asked if President Trump was actively trying to find out who it was, and whether or not they even care. Her response left the room in stunned silence.

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Not only does Pres. Trump care, he has ordered the Department of Justice to get involved. The President wants this traitor prosecuted. But Sarah doesn’t stop there. Watch these two explosive clips from today’s press conference.

First, she answers whether or not there is an active investigation and whether any laws were broken. She didn’t mince her words.

Then, she took on the media for their blind praise of this traitor. Watch this:


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