Report Shows China Early Mishandling of COVID-19

In an explosive report by CNN this morning, leaked documents from the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirm our early fears about China’s efforts to downplay the outbreak.

CNN Reporter Nick Walsh had this to say:

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“The documents, which cover an incomplete period between October 2019 and April this year, reveal what appears to be an inflexible health care system constrained by top-down bureaucracy and rigid procedures that were ill-equipped to deal with the emerging crisis. At several critical moments in the early phase of the pandemic, the documents show evidence of clear missteps and point to a pattern of institutional failings.”

This shocking leak seems to sharply contrast statements made earlier this year by President Xi, who fiercely defended China’s handling of the Coronavirus, in a report from NPR:

“All along, we have acted with openness, transparency and responsibility…We have provided information to the WHO and the relevant countries in a most timely fashion.”

It’s frustrating, that much of the turmoil of this year could have been avoided had China 1.) correctly and accurately reported cases and 2.) taken outbreaks seriously as they occurred. People have lost their businesses, their income, their homes, their lives…and for what? Could this have all been avoided?

Should China be held accountable?

See what Representative Dan Crenshaw has to say: