After Race-Baiting Professor Attacked All “White People,” Tucker Pulled Out a Piece of Paper & Exposed Him

Liberal Professor Ekow Yankah wrote an op-ed in the New York Times titled, “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?”. Yankah implies in the article that ALL White People are constantly “attacking” minorities and cannot be trusted.

Tucker Carlson had him on last night to discuss this sick, racist article. The Professor tried to sugar-coat what he was saying, then Tucker pulled out his article and read back some of his vile words back to him… And that’s when the fireworks started. (Video Below)

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He pointed out the double-standard of calling White People racists while also generalizing about all white people. “That’s the definition of Racism,” Tucker said. But he didn’t stop there.

Tucker asked the professor how he would react if the roles were reversed and he had written the article saying an entire race of people were “evil.” The Professor was left speechless and made to look like a fool. WATCH this explosive video clip then SHARE it everywhere so we can make it go viral!

From Fox News:

“You should never generalize about people on the basis of their skin color because it reduces them to the sum total of their skin color,” Tucker responded.

“That’s the definition of racism, and you’re engaging in it in this piece,” he said.


Carlson said Yankah used Trump voters as an example of a bloc of “white people.”