After Paul Ryan Stabbed Trump in The Back, WATCH Mike Huckabee Embarrass Him on Live TV

Yesterday morning, Paul Ryan attacked President Trump and others for trying to quickly pass a bill providing emergency funds for Hurricane Harvey relief, because it temporarily raises the debt ceiling.

President Trump had to go around Speaker Ryan in order to get the deal done, so Congress could provide Hurricane relief as quickly as possible. Speaker Ryan called this “ridiculous and disgraceful,” and Mike Huckabee just absolutely UNLOADED on him in a segment that is going viral! (Video Below)

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Mike Huckabee just WENT OFF on republican leaders, calling them “totally incompetent” since they’re unable to get anything done despite having majorities in both the House and the Senate, AND a republican president ready to sign any bill they pass.

Huckabee said, “[Trump] is dealing with a bunch of incompetent republicans that are so impotent that a year’s supply of political viagra would not make them capable of getting something done.” HAHA!  But he didn’t stop there!  WATCH this viral video below then SHARE on Facebook so we can make this go viral! 

Lou Dobbs also had a message for Speaker Ryan and Leader McConnell. WATCH THIS: