OMG! You Will VOMIT When You See The Truth About These Trump ‘Protesters’

The Anti-Trump ‘Protests’ in Oregon just got exposed for the SHAM they truly are. Everybody already knew that these protests/riots are paid for by George Soros and propped up by the media, but now we have PROOF.

KGW News in Oregon is reporting that 69 of the 113 ‘protesters’ that were arrested yesterday DIDN’T EVEN VOTE in the election!

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The media should stop giving any attention to these professional protesters. They are being paid and bussed in to cause havoc. They’re obviously not “concerned citizens”… THEY DIDN’T EVEN VOTE!

This video also surfaced yesterday, showing DOZENS of busses parked in Chicago after dropping these “protesters” off.

These thugs are bussed in and paid by George Soros to start violent chaos. 

Need more proof? Here is a Craigslist ad offering “Students, women, and minorities” $15 per hour to come and “fight the Trump agenda.”