Omg! NFL Legend Herschel Walker Just P*SSED off Every Liberal in Brutal Tirade That’s Going Viral

Well known University of Georgia running back Herschel Walker just went on record as a man who can see the truth. Many on the left, and this includes countless celebrities, refuse to give President Trump even an ounce of credit for what he is doing to help the country.

But Herschel Walker is not one of those people. That is why he just exploded on the left and their mainstream media for being completely unfair to President Trump.

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He went on with Fox & Friends to talk about Georgia’s upcoming championship game against the University of Alabama. But it turned into a time for him to get his feelings out about his good friend, Donald Trump.

Walker said Pres. Trump has been getting a “raw deal” from the media and called on them to start having “respect” because Trump won fair and square.

Herschel also has sided with President Trump on the issue of the NFL anthem protests. He even said that if he were commissioner of the NFL, he would force the players to stand and respect the flag. (Video Below)

“If i was commissioner, what i’d say is everyone needs to stand. Everyone needs to be respectful. We can’t just point the finger and one person and most of all  you can’t point it at the President. If anyone is going to defend the American anthem and the flag, it better be the President of The United States. Otherwise guys, we’re lost.” 

Here is Walker on the NFL anthem protests:


(Source: Breitbart)