After NBC Reporter Tried to Call Trump Heartless, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

Just moments ago, during the daily press briefing at the White House, a liberal NBC news reporter insinuated that Trump is heartless because he decided to end the highly illegal DACA program. 

Bad move. Sarah Huckabee was having NONE of it! With anger seething through her voice, Sarah Huckabee issued the most EPIC response! (VIDEO BELOW)

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Sarah Huckabee glared at the reporter and said, “The most heartless thing I’ve seen all day is democrats like Nancy Pelosi using this issue to fundraise.  If they’d spend less time fundraising and more time focusing on solutions we wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.” But she wasn’t done yet. Huckabee reminded everyone why President Trump is different than Obama. Huckabee continued by saying, “It’s not cold hearted to uphold the law. We are a nation of law and order. The last president wasn’t willing to uphold this law, this president is.” 

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Watch the full press briefing HERE: