OMG! After The Media Lied About Trump, WATCH Newt Gingrich Unleash Hell on Live TV

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Newt is back and he has had enough!

After another MAJOR leak from within Trump’s administration, Newt went on Live TV and unleashed HELL!

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This will put someone in jail for sure! WATCH what Newt told Trump to do then SHARE on Facebook if you stand with Newt and Trump against the LYING media!

“They Ought to go to Jail”

But he wasn’t done there. He went on to bash Paul Ryan and other Republicans for not standing with Trump.

He also gave Trump some great advice, once again, to CANCEL the daily Press Briefings after the Harvard study found that 93% of NBC and CNN’s coverage is negative.

“These Aren’t Reporters, These are attackers”


WATCH the full segment here: