OMG! After Liberal Congresswoman Attacked Trump Supporters, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

Last week, Liberal Congresswoman, Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-CA) held an event in Carson California and verbally ABUSED Trump supporters in attendance. 

It all started when some in the audience asked to do the pledge. This is common at these sort of events, but Barragan refused. The audience all stood up and did it anyway, but the Liberal Congresswoman did not participate. Then, she proceeded to attack Trump and his supporters. WATCH what happened next. 

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Barragan started with angry rhetoric directed right at the Trump supporters. Keep in mind, these are constituents who live in HER district. Then she started bragging that she was visiting Mexico next week to visit deported illegal alien criminals. She said we have a President “who thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants,” and she repeated that over and over until the Pro-Trump crowd had heard enough!

The crowd ERUPTED in a pro-Trump chant, chanting “WE LOVE TRUMP, WE LOVE TRUMP!” and watch how the Congresswoman reacted. She could not handle it and ran away like a child. These Patriots wouldn’t let her get away that easy as they followed her into the parking lot. WATCH this video then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!