OMG! After Chelsea Clinton is Confronted by Bill Clinton’s Rape ‘Victim,’ WATCH All Hell Break Loose

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Upon the release of her new book, “She Persisted,” Chelsea Clinton is out on the road doing events where she constantly talks about Trump’s “mistreatment” of women. 

Well, karma came back to bite Chelsea today. Her fans were lined up to meet her, one person in line was not a fan. WATCH what happened when she was confronted by her fathers alleged sexual assault victim. 

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Laura Loomer, a reporter with Rebel Media, approached Chelsea asking for her to sign a book for her friend Juanita Braoddrick, who is Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victim.

Loomer told Chelsea that Broaddrick is a friend of hers and she had been silenced by Hillary and Bill after the alleged rape. She even when a step further and called Bill Clinton a rapist to her face. WATCH this shocking clip then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!

For those who don’t know the story, Broaddrick has accused Bill Clinton of violently raping her in 1978. She also says that Hillary Clinton tried to intimidate her. 


She described her side of the story to Breitbart last year.