OMG! This Anti-Trump Protester May Be The Dumbest Person in America **MAKE THIS GO VIRAL

Okay, this is so bad it’s funny… This shows you how much the mainstream media has poisoned the minds of so many young Americans. This kid literally doesn’t know the difference between legal and illegal immigration. (Video Below)

I can’t even put into words how dumb this guy is, so i’ll just show you. HERE IS THE EXCHANGE:

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Protester: Let me tell you something…None of Trump is American. All of his family, all of his wives, everything of him, is immigration. his wife is from the Czech Republic, is he trying to kick her out? 

REPORTER: No, of course not

PROTESTER: His parents aren’t American, trying to kick them out?

REPORTER: No, they moved here legally…

PROTESTER: His children. They aren’t fully American. Trying to kick them out?

REPORTER: Pretty sure all these people moved here legally though…


PROTESTER: Okay you’re saying just because…((LONG PAUSE))….Try going to like, the zoo… or the depths of hell itself. Have a good day!