OH NO! Hillary Just Screamed The UNTHINKABLE at Trump Supporters on Live TV

Hillary Clinton crawled out of her cave today to make her first public appearance in weeks. She picked up right where she left off, blaming everyone but herself for her loss. She blamed James Comey, Russia, the Media, Putin, and Misogyny. (Videos Below) But she didn’t stop there…

The arrogant Hillary Clinton went on to imply that Trump voters in Rural America didn’t know any better because they don’t have access to technology. She said:

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“If you drive around in some of the places that beat the heck out of me, you cannot get cell coverage for miles and even in towns,”

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Then she continued, by blaming misogyny and cell phone coverage. WATCH BELOW:

And Here is the full interview. She made the “cell phone coverage” remark at the 32 minute mark.