After Obama Spokesman Attacked Trump For Meeting With Kim Jong Un, Het Got an EPIC Dose of Karma

Former Obama spokesperson Tommy Vietor is attacking President Trump for his willingness to meet with Kim Jong Un.

The President said he is willing with the North Korean leader face-to-face so a possible deal could be reached to force Kim John Un to give up his Nuclear weapons.

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Here’s what Obama’s spokesman said:

SOURCE: Twitter

But people quickly pointed out the hypocrisy of an Obama adviser saying this.

National Review’s Dan McLaughlin called him out, pointing out that Obama met with communist dictator, Raul Castro.

SOURCE: Twitter

Obama met with Raul Castro back in 2016 in a meeting that drew the ire of many people around the United States.

Here’s the video of the handshake:


The Obama camp continues to think that Obama can do nothing wrong. But when Trump makes a similar decision, it is terrible.

This is what Trump has to deal with on a daily basis.

(Source: Daily Caller)