After Obama LIED To The Faces Of Americans About Al Qaeda, Trump Just Did The Unthinkable

The mainstream media does what they can to stay away from the liberal over-lord Barack Obama. By all accounts, he is just about as untouchable as they come. But the New York Times shocked everyone recently when they ran a story that aimed to shed some light on what the Obama administration did to cover up how powerful al Qaeda was leading up to the 2012 election.

In an attempt to calm voters ahead of his election against Republican nominee Mitt Romney, Obama lied about what was going on.

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Rukmini Callimachi said during the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies that they were being lied to.

“The head of the organization has been killed, and now—these are literally quotes that I would get: the organization has been ‘decimated,’ the organization is in ‘disarray,’ the organization is ‘on the run,’” she continued. “At the same time that we were preparing to pull out troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, I think that it was important to portray this as a problem that no longer existed.”

They were told after al Qaeda took over part of northern Mali that this “was actually not really connected to al Qaeda.”

This was an obvious lie.

She explained that the trove of documents released by the Trump administration proved what she thought was going on.

“In fact, the new trove that has now come out confirms very much what I was seeing in Mali, which is not just real connective tissue, but connective tissue to the point of these affiliates being micromanaged from Afghanistan and Pakistan,” she said. “Very minor personnel decisions are being decided by the group thousands of miles away.”

Obama is getting EXPOSED ladies and gentlemen.

Source: Weekly Standard, Daily Caller