Obama Is FREAKING Out Over What Sebastian Gorka Just Revealed About Him On Live TV

Source: Fox News

Sebastian Gorka is a true patriot and knows corruption and deceit when he sees it. While all of the liberals and democrats are praising former President Barack Obama for his presidency, real Americans are left shaking their heads.

On Fox News Gorka came on for an interview to discuss a variety of different issues, one being Obama’s use of the¬†intelligence community and law enforcement. What he said left Obama’s legacy in greater shambles than it already was.

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“What happened under the last eight years means that nobody is safe… When Obama was in charge, they used the intelligence community and law enforcement to target people that they politically disagreed with.”

Which is so true! Obama never used his authority for the greater good it was always for manipulative and corrupt purposes. He saw his political enemies as a threat and did whatever he could to target them.

I applaud Sebastian Gorka for having the guts to come out on Live tv and say this about the former president. While it is very controversial, it is so true.


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