Obama Campaign Worker Reveals Ugly Truth About Obama Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

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The news about Facebook and a data firm tied to the Trump campaign exploded across the media landscape over the weekend rocking Washington and the media to its core.

The gist of the story is that Trump hired Cambridge Analytica to do micro-targeting on Facebook for the 2016 election and CA didn’t follow the rules.

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Despite Facebook’s denials, a whistleblower came forward and said Facebook is full of it and Cambridge Analytica used nefarious methods to collect their data.

The whistleblower makes clear that Facebook was asleep at the switch or just too arrogant to care about the misuse of their customer’s very sensitive data.

The media went nuts and trotted out their conspiracy theories and used the story to further their Trump Russia collusion narrative.

But a funny thing happened today that will shame them forever.

A former Obama campaign worker just came forward and stunned the world by admitting the ugly truth Obama and the media do not want you to know.

It seems the Obama campaign was also up to shenanigans with Facebook’s customer data and Facebook literally looked the other way because they were on “Obama’s side.”


From the Daily Caller:

However, a former Obama campaign staffer has come forward to claim that Facebook turned a blind eye to the same issue in 2012.

Carol Davidsen, former director of Obama for America’s Integration and Media Analytics, reveals the manner the Democratic presidential campaign was freely given access. Furthermore, she openly claims that Facebook gave the Obama campaigners a pass because of their political affiliation.

 “Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they didn’t stop us once they realized that was what we were doing,” Davidsen wrote on Twitter.

Double standard anyone?

This is a nonpartisan issue – Facebook turned the other way and let Obama run wild on their platform and then did the same thing with Trump’s data team.

In other words, they cannot be trusted by either side of the aisle and they have too much personal information on American citizens to let them operate in an unregulated manner.

Facebook needs regulations if not a total anti-trust breakup. Our democracy and our most personal information deserve more protection.

They are literally the most valuable things in the world and Facebook has proven to be a bad actor, and arrogant, and if we value our personal data and our democracy, Facebook needs to start telling the truth, they need regulations, and they need to give our personal information back to us.

They simply cannot be trusted by anyone and have proven themselves to be in violation of the public trust and the common good. They are bad actors eroding our very democracy and must be stopped before they do it again.