NY Business Owner Shreds COVID Fine on Live TV

Robby Dinero, Marine Corps Veteran and owner of Athletes Unleashed, a CrossFit gym in Orchard Park, New York is fighting back against strict Covid regulations. This, as New York implents a new “cluster” strategy to reduce COVID-19 spikes.

Mr. Dinero found himself once again having to bow to the will of dictator…er….Governor Andrew Cuomo. Buffalo News reports that as an non-essential business, Mr. Dinero had to close his doors once again. Outraged by this, he organized a protest along with other local, non-essential businesses. The gathering garnered the attention of health inspectors and local law enforcement, which led to a raucous confrontation. SEE BELOW:

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WKBW reports that he was later fined $15,000 by the New York health department.

When interviewed by Fox News, Mr. Dinero showed the New York health department what he really thought about their fine by ripping it up on live national television. WATCH HERE:

What are your thoughts? Should the government be able to prevent business owners from earning a livelihood?