NO WAY! Frederica Wilson Just Went on CNN & Said 1 Thing About General Kelly That Will RUIN Her Life

Frederica Wilson is not a very smart woman, we all knew that.  However, what she just said on CNN takes it to an entirely new level.

Frederica actually had the nerve to call General Kelly a “racist” after he criticized her for using a dead soldier and his grieving family to attack president Trump and get famous.  Kelly said “often empty barrels make the most noise,” referring to the fact that Frederica Wilson is a woman of no substance who is just making noise.  Her response to that was so incredibly off base, and so utterly baffling, that it will forever cement her as a total clown that will NEVER be taken seriously.  (VIDEO BELOW)

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I think that’s a racist term [empty barrel], too.  I’m thinking about that when, uh, we looked it up in the dictionary because I had never heard of an empty barrel.”  WATCH AND THEN SHARE ON FACEBOOK IF YOU WANT FREDERICA WILSON REMOVED FROM CONGRESS!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? RACIST?!  Okay the democrats have officially worn out the term racist, it no longer means anything.  In no way WHATSOEVER were General Kelly’s comments racist.  General Kelly is an honorable man who spent 40 years in the military commanding our great troops in battle, and for Frederica to come out and call a man with that much distinction a “racist” is about the most dishonorable thing she could do.  She’s finished.  

Not only that, but she hasn’t heard of the expression “an empty barrel” before?  Newt Gingrich was right, just because you win an election doesn’t mean you’re knowledgeable about anything. Oh and Frederica, the term “empty barrel” is not going to be in the dictionary.  It’s an expression, a figure of speech.  Maybe she should look up the word “racist” instead, since she clearly doesn’t know the definition.