Newt Gingrich Glares Into The Camera, Exposes What Robert Mueller Never Wanted to Come Out

Just one two days ago, Robert Mueller revealed that Gen. Flynn provided “assistance” (under pressure) to the Trump investigation which saved him from going to jail.

But Newt Gingrich went on Fox News last night and exposed Robert Mueller and his witch hunt for what it truly is.

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The former Speaker of The House revealed Robert Mueller’s SICK plan and what he’s really doing to get General Flynn to help Mueller.

Watch the explosive clip then spread this like wildfire so we can make it go viral.

Here’s some of what Newt said:

“You have to understand, Mueller is not involved in an investigation. Mueller has a Trump destruction project. He brought on a team, all of them dedicated to destroying trump. They did everything they could to destroy trump.

And part of that technique, is you throw the kitchen sink. You basically threaten somebody and say ‘I’m going to bankrupt you. Im going to put your son in jail…. Now would you like to talk?’


…It has nothing to do with the Truth. It has nothing to do with Justice. Historians someday will comment that this was one of the most extraordinary efforts to undo the will of the American people by an established bureaucracy… than we’ve seen in all of America history.”

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