What Nancy Pelosi Just Admitted Will Go Down In History As Day Democrats Lost America (Video)

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This is how you lose America, take note Democrats because you just doomed yourselves to the dustbin of history.

At least until you elect a new leader because Nancy Pelosi is dragging you all down with her.

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Her approval ratings are sinking like a stone while President Trump’s numbers continue to climb higher every day.

Have you seen Trump approval numbers recently? The media is trying to hide them from view because their counter their little anti-Trump narrative.

He is near 50% and this is before the tax cuts and his other changes to help American businesses really kick in.

2018 will not be a blue wave but a tidal wave of red crushing the hopes and dreams of the media elite.

You can take it to the bank and if you doubt me, check out what Pelosi just said.

From the Free Beacon:


Pelosi called the tax reform legislation passed by Republicans and signed into law by President Donald Trump a “cloud” hanging over Washington, again referring to it as a “tax scam.”

“Tax cuts at the high end. A banquet for everyone up here,” she said, using her hands. “Crumbs for people down here. I’ll repeat that.”

Let me repeat this – you are a fool to insult the American people who have been living on crumbs ever since the Democrats passed NAFTA and let China into the WTO.

You sold us out for another winery in Napa Valley (do you know Pelosi is loaded and actually owns a winery in Napa?) and now you want to get us back by insulting us all over again?