Moments After GOP Voted to Release The FISA Memo, Nancy Pelosi Went on CNN and Embarrassed Herself

You know it’s getting bad for liberals when Nancy Pelosi gets called out by a CNN host about the FISA memo.

Pelosi spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo just hours after Republicans in Congress voted to release the memo that reportedly proves FBI used the FISA surveillance system against Trump.

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Apparently, Pelosi thought she would get softball questions on the liberal network so she had a complete meltdown when Cuomo started actually challenging her on this sick memo.

Cuomo caught Pelosi off guard when he said he understands why the American people want this released.

CHRIS CUOMO: It is hard for the American people to have faith that anybody in this city where we are right now… I can understand why they want it all released. because they say ‘ you know what, we can’t trust you guys…. This is the holy grail and the truth about what was happening in the campaign and it points to Democrats, and the FBI.

Pelosi was shocked, and began looking off camera in anger. She told Cuomo that EVERYONE in the intelligence community believes it is “reckless” to release the memo.

CHRIS CUOMO: What about Christopher Wray, who was recently selected by President Trump, he got the memo. He could have come out and said, ‘This is reckless, don’t release it.’

NANCY PELOSI: Let me just say this with all due respect, you really don’t know what you’re talking about right now!


This is when it got heated.

Pelosi began calling this one big conspiracy by the Republicans because they want to “shut down” the government.

Shockingly, the CNN host kept firing back at Pelosi, challenging her wild accusations and denials.

You can feel the tension at the very end of the interview when Cuomo thanks her for coming on and she starts laughing and mumbling off screen.

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