Moments After Trump Started To Speak In Minnesota, Entire Crowd Embarrassed CNN

President Trump held a rally last night in Duluth, Minnesota. The media tries to downplay how many supporters go to his rally’s with good reason.

He still draws huge numbers. Over 9,000 people last night. Those are huge numbers for any campaign but Trump isn’t running for 2 more years so these numbers are just mindblowing.

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The crowd was into it and had a special surprise for Trump after he started speaking.

From the Daily Wire

Some 9,000 supporters packed an arena in Duluth, Minnesota, on Wednesday to see President Trump.

“Promises Made – Promises Kept” said the Jumbotron screen as the supporters filed in. “Make America Great Again” signs popped up in the audience and there were too many red hats to count. “All Right Now” blared over the arena speakers before the president appeared.

And Trump didn’t let the throng down, throwing out plenty of red meat.

“Today, I signed an executive order — we’re going to keep families together, but the border is going to be just as tough as it’s been,” the president said to hearty applause. “Democrats don’t care about the impact of uncontrolled migration on your communities, your schools, your hospitals,” he said.


And Trump, as usual, hammered the media.

“What’s happened to their children, what’s happened to their husbands, what’s happened to their wives. The media doesn’t talk about the American families permanently separated from their loved ones because Democrat policies release violent criminals into our communities. We need safety. We need safety,” he said.

After Trump said “we’ve created 3.4 million new jobs since Election Day,” Trump told the crowd of supporters “They would have said he’s exaggerating.”

“And I’ve said before if I would have said that to you during the campaign, those very dishonest people back there, the fake news. Very dishonest,” he said.

That’s when the crowd jumped in with a chant of “CNN sucks!”