Moments After Trump Landed in Missouri For Final Rally, Trump Pointed Out & Said Something That Has Liberals Freaking Out

President Trump just landed in Missouri for his third and FINAL rally of the day and of the campaign season. Election day is tomorrow and he has ended this week with a bang. Rush Limbaugh, who NEVER makes public appearances, is joining Pres. Trump along with Sean Hannity. (Video Below)

But it’s what Pres. Trump pointed out right after he landed that has liberals freaking out.

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After spending weeks telling us how there is no enthusiasm among Trump supporters and that Republicans are going to get destroyed by a “blue wave,” look at what Pres. Trump just Tweeted out. A picture of THOUSANDS of people lined up for blocks, standing in the pouring rain before his speech.

But it gets even crazier. Some people were lined up 24 hours ago, and have been standing in the rain ALL DAY.

And they want us to believe that the “enthusiasm” is on the other side? Do they think we are stupid?

The rally is starting right now, and you can watch it below. Spread this everywhere because the mainstream media doesn’t want any of this getting out.

Liberals are actually starting to freak out and already making excuses.  Ezra Klein, editor of Vox, actually said that if Republicans hold the majority in the house but Democrats win the “house popular vote,” that it will be a crisis.

Nobody has EVER talked about a “House popular vote”… All that matters are the individual House races.

You can already see how desperate they are.

Do you think there will be a RED WAVE or a BLUE WAVE? Spread this story like wildfire so we can get the truth out.